Forum Health Centre

Following the success of Forrest Medical Centre, we are delighted to have worked in collaboration with IDP Group again along with the NHS to build this multipurpose health centre in Coventry. Included within the specification were some of the following criteria:

  • Access, waiting and circulation – creating a sequence of spaces that guide patients and staff to their destination.
  • Accommodation – ensuring that the provision of space is adequate for current and expected needs.
  • Security – secure entrances and controlled access around the building. The building should be equipped with an intruder alarm system for out-of-hours operation.
  • Ventilation – Ensuring the correct level of ventilation appropriate to the area activity. For general areas, a single fan motor is acceptable. For dirty areas or WCs, a separate extract system providing 10 air changes per hour is required. The ventilation system should be controlled with a building management system.
  • Water supply – Cold water storage should be at 20ºC. The minimum hot water storage temperature should be 60ºC with distribution at 55ºC.
  • Lighting – 300 lux lighting level for the general examination rooms with adjustable task lighting to provide 400 lux for treatment areas.
  • Accessibility – The site should be easily accessible so as to support social inclusion.

Throughout the construction period, the staff and GP’s of Forum Health Centre were able to continue their usual services from temporary accommodation at the front of the building site. The Partner’s, staff and patients were continually complimentary about the consideration given by us as main contractor and the work-men on site.

Professional photographs of the finished product provided by P Miller Photography.