Factory, Birmingham

Crowngate Construction were contracted to form a 5.5m stairwell for industrial purposes in a factory in Birmingham.

This project was particularly challenging due to the live working environment, and we had to fully take into account our surroundings and the health and safety issues that they presented. Due to the depth, we had to carry out the works in three phases.

Having dug down to 5.5m, we had to form the base with kickers; this included sheet-piling until we reached the necessary depth. Once this was poured, we could then commence works on the retaining walls which included double-steel mesh and carried out form work up to 2.5m from the base.

Waterproof concrete was subsequently poured, and work then commenced on the third and final phase which, again, included double steelwork and formation up to finished floor, ready to receive waterproof concrete.