At Crowngate Construction we realise that for some clients, organising the process of ‘getting up to the point’ where everybody is ready to start with building works on site, might be difficult to handle. This is mainly because most projects – sometimes even the most simple ones – require drawings, production and furthermore, various Local Authorities Approvals.

To achieve that, there is a wide range of professionals which needs to get involved in the process, such as Architects, Structural, Mechanical & Environmental Engineers of course depending on the type of project that is relevant to you. As at Crowngate Construction we are keen on keeping things simple for our valued clients, we do have a team of ‘in – house’ consultants who will deal with all design and legal aspects of your project, before building works commence on site...In this way we keep everything under one roof which makes things easy for the client, as he will need to liaise with only one party throughout the process...ourselves!

Most projects require TWO Local Authority Approvals before they can start on site. The first is ‘Planning Permission’ and the second is ‘Building Regulations Approval’. Even before we get to the stage of submitting drawings to Local Authorities, it is vital for every client to be able understand and visualise what his project will look like on paper. As soon as the desired proposal is drawn up, the client will be able to understand the feasibility of the proposal and with the assistance of our architectural staff, the full potential of client’s brief will be explored leading to a final outcome which in many occasions is beyond what the client is expecting to get for his money!

Following the excitement of delivering an inception study on paper that the client will be happy about, we will then proceed to submit a Planning Application for the scheme by preparing all drawings , completing all forms and accompanying documents required and liaising with the City Planners following submission towards a successful outcome and finally a Planning Consent. As soon as we have a Planning Approval in hand, we will deal with submission of a Building Regulations Application to the Council.

This application needs to be accompanied by very detailed drawings in terms of materials’ specification which we are keen to produce in order to: a) comply with all regulations, b) provide you with a ‘sustainable’ project to save energy and money of your utility bills and c) promote our good relationship as you will know exactly what to expect from us in terms of materials selection over construction. We will furthermore, liaise with any consultants needed, notify your neighbours in writing before we start building works on site and deal with all the ‘paperwork’ required for your own piece of mind. Sounds tempting? Why not

Some Examples Of Our Design Work

C1252-202C Proposed Ground Floor Plan - GA (2)C1252-203D Proposed First Floor Plan - GA

C1252-205D Proposed Sections - Sheet 1C1252-206E Proposed Sections - Sheet 2

C1252-207C Proposed Sections - Sheet 3